Our CLEAR Values:

  • - Caring
  • - Learning
  • - Excellence
  • - Accountability
  • - Respect

Daily Schedule

The school day

  • School commences each day with a Home Group meeting
  • All students must attend Home Group to allow rolls to be marked and information concerning the day to be passed on
  • Any student who misses Home Group, for whatever reason, needs to visit the office to sign in
  • Students move directly from Home Group to first period
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are divided into six periods of 50 minutes. Beginning in 2013, Thursday’s were altered to periods of 45 minutes to allow for an extra (7th) period. Home Group (extended) is on between period 4 and lunch on a Thursday.
  • Staff begin each morning with a meeting at 8.45am
Home Group 8:55am        Home Group 8:55am
Period 1 9:00am   Period 1 9:00am
Period 2 9:50am   Period 2 9:45am
Recess 10:40am   Recess 10:30am
Period 3 11.10am   Period 3 10:55am
Period 4 12:00pm   Period 4 11:40am
Lunch 12:50pm   Home Group (Extended) 12:25pm
Period 5 1:40pm   Lunch 1:05pm
Period 6 2:30pm   Period 5 1:50pm
End of School Day 3:20pm   Period 6 2:35pm
      End of School Day 3:20pm