Our CLEAR Values:

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  • - Learning
  • - Excellence
  • - Accountability
  • - Respect

Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of a student’s education. Students benefit from completing appropriate homework tasks on a regular basis. Homework helps students to improve organisational and time management skills, self-discipline and personal responsibility for learning and develops the habit of regular, systematic study.

Homework should be an extension of the learning, practice and application skills and ideas taught in the classroom.

The Student Planner provides a means of regular communication between parents and the school and assists students in planning tasks and in the effective management of their time.


Homework can be:

  • The completion of work not finished in class.
  • Revision prior to assessment.
  • Extra work set for extension/consolidation of skills.
  • Reading


Homework will generally:

  • Generally range from 30 minutes per day in Year 7 through to 60 minutes in Year 10
  • Increase to at least 1 – 3 hours per night in the VCE years.
  • Exceed 6 hours on weekends during peak VCE periods.
  • Be balanced between different subjects and across the week whenever possible.


Homework Responsibilities of Students:

  • To complete homework to the best of their abilities.
  • To ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time.
  • To complete work independently as far as possible and to seek assistance when necessary from parent and/or teachers.
  • To inform teachers of any messages from parents.


Homework Responsibilities of Parents:

  • To provide a suitable study area for the student..
  • To show interest and support for the student’s work
  • To encourage and assist students to plan ahead to enable homework to be completed on time.


Homework Responsibilities of Teachers:

  • To ensure that the amount of homework and deadlines set are realistic.
  • To ensure that the homework is clearly explained and that written materials are legible.
  • To check homework as soon as possible and provide relevant feedback to students.