Our CLEAR Values:

  • - Caring
  • - Learning
  • - Excellence
  • - Accountability
  • - Respect

Student Agreement

Internet Access

Internet access at NSC is provided for educational purposes.

  • You are not to use internet chat rooms, messaging systems, or music files at school unless directed to by a teacher. Music, and other copyright is to be respected
  • If copyright allows, you may download text or graphics from the internet for educational purposes. These must be saved into your own H: drive folder, NOT onto the "S" drive
  • Email should not be used during class time unless directed to by your teacher


All students have access to a school email system, accessed under Student Area, School Email. You can access this email from anywhere with internet access using your email address and password.

You are expected to use appropriate language and content in emails

  • Your emails are filtered and may be read by an administrator.



  • Colour Printing is $1 per side
  • Black & White is 10c per side

Yr 7 to Yr 10 are given a credit of $5 per term and Yr 11 and 12 are given a credit of $10 per term. If you use all your funds within the term you will need to speak to the office or ICT office. Due to the cost of colour printing, please only print in colour when required.

Never give out personal information to people you do not know.

NSC Computer Network

  • You have been allocated a unique logon name and password
  • You must keep your passwords secure, or others can waste your printing money, delete your saved work or create inappropriate content under your name
  • Use of another student’s password is not permitted
  • You have your own secure folder (H: drive) to store files on the network
  • Network administrators will review files and folders to ensure responsible use
  • Inappropriate files or "graffiti" must not be placed on the network
  • Personal files should not be stored on the school drives. This includes music, games, movies/TV shows and personal photos
  • Copyright is to be respected at all times when using the College information and communication resources
  • Games and music are not to be played in class time, unless approved by the class teacher