Our CLEAR Values:

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  • - Learning
  • - Excellence
  • - Accountability
  • - Respect


Check your print balance

Click here to check you print balance (only works while at school) and log in with your computer username and password.


Install Printing App on your iPad


  1. When at school and connected to the school network on your iPad, click here.
  2. 'Install Profile' window will appear - click Install
  3. 'Unsigned Profile' window will appear - click Install Now
  4. If you have a passcode on your iPad it will ask you to enter it.
  5. Click Done
  6. You should now see an app called 'Printing'
  7. Enter your school username and password (only click 'remember me' if you are on your own iPad)

When printing at school, make sure you are logged into the Printing app

NOTE: Student iPads will only print in black & white.

Also when printing, double-sided in the print menu must be turned OFF.