Our CLEAR Values:

  • - Caring
  • - Learning
  • - Excellence
  • - Accountability
  • - Respect

School Email

Access your school email:

You can access your school email account through any device with an internet connection. Simply login through Google with your school email address (eg. abc0001@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au) and your password and select Gmail (or click School Email and login).


To set your school email account up on your iPad:

1. Settings
2. Mail, Contracts, Calendars
3. Select Add Account
4. Pick 'Google' or 'Gmail'
5. At Name - Enter your First & Last Names
6. At Email - Enter your school email address (eg. abc0001@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au)
7. At Password - Enter your school password
8. At Description - Enter "School Email"
9. Press Next or Return
10. Press Save









Provided all the details you entered were correct your school email account should be setup and ready to use!